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Simplicity at its best

The ProLite device mount is the perfect solution for mounting and positioning small lightweight communication devices, iPads, eReaders, and various other types of tablet technology. The ProLite’s simplistic design is both adjustable and durable and works well with most wheelchairs, strollers and walkers. The ProLite’s streamlined profile allows the mount to blend in with the wheelchair or other adaptive equipment. Like all CJT mounting systems, the ProLite is easy to remove from the base and can swing away when not in use.

The ProLite becomes a lightweight device mount, a switch mount or an arm sling mount, simply by ordering the matching width tube option.

Weight5 lbs.
Width Tube Options The width rod is 6 1/2 inches long.
With the extension tube the width adjusts from 12 1/4 - 16 inches.
Height Tube Options The short tubes adjust from 12 - 16 inches.
The long tubes adjust from 15 1/2 - 24 inches.
Base Mount Rotation The base rotates 360 degrees.
Device Ball Rotation The device ball rotates 360 degrees and pivots out to 90 degrees.
Joint & Base Head Rotation Joint heads rotate 220 degrees.
Material Used High quality aircraft aluminum
Base Connectors CJT manufactures a wide range of base adapters to accommodate the various types and styles of wheelchairs, walkers, standers and other adaptive equipment.
Base dimensions The base plate measures 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches.
The joint head extends out 3 inches.
Devices The ProLite mount supports virtually all small lightweight communication devices, Hand Held devices, switches, iPads, Netbooks, E-Readers and various brands of tablet technology.
What is the difference between a ProLite and Profiler mount? The ProLite is a good choice for individuals with a light touch, using a lightweight device. The Profiler’s design allows it to handle heavier loads.
What type of technology does the ProLite support? The ProLite supports virtually all lightweight communication devices, iPads and tablet devices. The ProLite supports virtually all switches and joystick technology. Order the arm sling adapter and the ProLite becomes an arm support mount.
How does the device attach to the ProLite mount? CJT produces device adapters for virtually every assistive technology device available. The device adapter attaches to the back of the device, which connects to a receiver on the mount. CJT’s device adapters are unique to CJT and only work with CJT equipment.
What types of adaptive equipment can the ProLite attach to? The ProLite can attach to virtually all types of wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, standers, desks, and beds. The ProLite can also attach to the Profiler and the CJT Adjustable Floor Mount.
Is the ProLite left or right side specific? The ProLite’s adjustability allows the mount to attach to either the left or right side of the wheelchair without having to specify or order additional parts.
Will the ProLite increase the width of the chair? In most set ups the ProLite stays well within the footprint of the chair.
How do the ProLite arms release from the base? The ProLite arms release from the base assembly by removing the pull pin.
Does the ProLite swing away? The ProLite can easily swing away by simply opening the quick release lever and rotating the upper arm. Once the top assembly is out of the way, close the lever to lock the position.
How often should the ProLite, be checked and tightened? CJT recommends checking the mounting system once a year or if something seems to be loose. CJT also recommends checking the mounting system after the wheelchair has gone in for servicing.
Should the ProLite remain on the wheelchair during transporting? CJT recommends removing the mount from the base assembly attached to the wheelchair when transporting. CJT strongly recommends abiding by your local transportation guidelines.
Can CJT help me determine where and how I can attach the mount to the wheelchair? Yes, CJT’s Helping Hand can help you determine what you will need to successfully attach and use the mount. CJT also provides a quote listing the parts and cost.
What are the benefits of using CJT Mounting Systems over other mounts available on the market? CJT mounting systems are tried and true. Besides being adjustable, durable and reliable, every CJT mounting system comes with CJT’s commitment to support our customers and our product.
Do tools need to be used to assemble and adjust the ProLite? CJT mounts are very durable and will last for years, but durability has a price and that is the use of tools to assemble and adjust the mount. Every CJT mount comes with a small tool pouch with the necessary tools. In addition, the socket set in which the tools are removed from, is sent as an added THANK YOU!
What is the ProLite warranty? CJT mounting systems come with a one-year limited warranty. The CJT warranty covers the mount against any material defects. The CJT warranty does not cover lost parts or parts damaged from misuse.