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Adjustable Rolling Floor Mount

Sturdy, Adjustable and Dependable

The CJT Adjustable Rolling Floor Mount is a dependable companion to any device: strong enough to hold multiple devices yet designed to quickly change and adapt to meet the changing needs of the person using the CJT Floor Mount.

Engineered to meet the specific height and distance requirements of eye gaze systems, the CJT Floor Mountís adjustable height and width can accommodate any height requirement, whether it is using the device from a recliner or from a bed. The Floor Mountís legs are adjustable and easily configured to straddle the base of a recliner. The height safely extends up to 66 inches without affecting the stability of the CJT Floor Mount.

The CJT Adjustable Rolling Floor Mount works with all communication devices, eye gaze systems, tablets, and LCD monitors. The Floor Mount is also a great evaluation tool.

Weight 38 lbs.
Width of Adjustable Base Legs Inside center position, the legs are 4 inches apart.
Middle position, the legs are 24 inches apart. Outside position, the legs are 35 inches apart.
Standard Adjustable Height The standard height adjusts from 42 1/2 up to 66 inches.
The height can be shortened to approximately 20 inches from the ground. The height can be extended upon request. Contact CJT for details.
Adjustable Width Arm Adjusts from 17 1/2 - 21 1/2 inches.
Material Used Steel and Aluminum
Device Ball Rotation Device ball rotates 360 degrees and pivots out to 90 degrees.
Devices The Adjustable Floor Mount supports virtually all communication devices, eye gaze systems, Laptops, LCD screens, iPads and various brands of tablet technology.