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Inspired By People


our Vision is clear, our methods are simple and our commitment to make a positive difference is stronger than ever.

CJT Mounting started in 1991 with our vision and a commitment to create products and services that make a positive difference in the life of another person.    

Our methods are simple. We start by actively listening to and collaborating with our clients to ensure we understand their challenges, needs and aspirations. 

We then review, discuss, encourage feedback and strive to design innovative solutions to effectively answer our client’s need. We use what we call our “Need-Driven Design Method.”

Once we have a prototype, we test it, send it for trial, make any necessary corrections, re-test and re-trial and when we feel confident the product type is ready and the product can help make positive difference  we release the product to market.   

Every day the people we work with challenge us to keep thinking outside the box. They show us that the impossible is possible and they INSPIRE us  to keep creating, innovating and producing the products and services that answer their needs and help them to overcome the challenges they face and achieve their aspirations. 

Thank you for being our inspiration and making a positive difference in our life.


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