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Use what you have - Create what you need

CJT MatchMaker Adapters

Use your favorite CJT wheelchair, rolling or table mount with mounts from other manufactures!

Create Unlimited Mounting Combinations

Simply, slide a CJT Matchmaker Adapter onto the existing device adapter attached to the back of your device and lock. Once secured in place, the adapter allows you to move your device back and forth from a CJT mount to a Daessy, Rehadapt, TobiiDynavox, PRCSaltillo, Mount’n Mover and other mounting systems. 

By providing the freedom to attach the device to mounting equipment from the various manufacturers, the CJT Matchmaker Adapters offers the freedom to create the mounting solutions that best meet the specific needs of the individual. 

Buy what you need and use what you have to save money or create custom mounting solutions.  The CJT Matchmaker Adapters provide the opportunity to use a CJT mount (i.e., the GT ENDURO wheelchair mount, ET Roller, rolling floor mount, ET Table Stand, or the TBO quick release mount with mounting equipment from other manufacturers. 

CJT Match Maker Adapter Features

CJT Match Maker Adapter Technical Specifications

CJT AdapterCompanies, Devices and Adapters
CJT A2 AdapterPRC-Saltillo devices with QRM mounting plate attached.
CJT A2 AdapterTobiiDynavox ConnectIT mounting plate and Quick Release adapter plate
CJT A2 AdapterRehadapt mounting plates
CJT Daessy AdapterTobiiDynavox Quick Release adapter plate for Daessy and Daessy mounting plates
CJT Mount’n Mover iTab adapterBlue Sky Design -Mount’n Mover iTab
CJT Mount’n Mover Tilt Plate AdapterBlue Sky Design – Mount’n Mover Tilt Plate


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