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CJT's Quick Access Mounts- Make life easier


The CJT TRIO is a combination of CJT mounting systems to support SGDs, Tablets, Environmental Controls, Eye Gaze Systems and Other Types of Assistive Technology Devices.

The TBO, ET Roller and ET Table Mount combine to become the ultimate evaluation support team!

The CJT TRIO consists of the ET Roller, ET Table Mount, and the TBO quick release mount. Together they provide all the mounting and positioning support you need during your AAC evaluation.  The CJT TRIO mounts can help you determine the best device, and the optimum access position for your client. By removing burden of you having to hold a device while trying to do an assessment you can now direct all of your attention to find the best device, and access position for your client. 

Each mount in the CJT TRIO work with all of the CJT adapters including the Matchmaker Adapters thus allowing you to attach any SGD, Tablet, Environmental Control, Eye Gaze System and various other AT Devices.

The CJT TRIO Features

  • The CJT TRIO helps prevent back, shoulder, and arm strain by supporting the device during the evaluation.
  • The CJT TRIO are all universal mounts capable of placing the device in any location desired.
  • The CJT TRIO is the perfect combination for mounting in various locations and positions.
  • The CJT TRIO is a useful addition to any evaluation center or loan library
  • The CJT TRIO mounts are easy to store when not in use.
  • The CJT TRIO mounts are quick and easy to adjust and make it easy to try multiple positions during the evaluations.
  • The CJT TRIO mounts can be used with all Speech Generating devices, tablets, including iPads, environmental controls, and more.

The CJT ET Roller Features

  • 1 ET Roller rolling floor mount
  • 1 TBO hard-shell carrying case with strap
  • 1 Ram 20 iPad Cradle
  • 1 CJT Wedge
  • 1 TBO quick release mount for light weight devices
  • 1 ET Table Stand Mount
  • 1 A2 Match Maker Adapter
  • 1 Tool pouch with all necessary tools included

The CJT TBO Features

  • Adjustable length arm -never worry about ordering the wrong length
  • Extra Large Grip-Tight Clamp available for larger tubing
  • The Grip-Tight Clamp attaches to square, oblong, round and flat surfaces
  • Seven adjustment points make it easy to place the device in the optimum access position
  • One tool or no tool option
  • Mount n Mover Match Maker Adapter
  • Single or double arm option
  • Comfort Grip Knobs make it easy to adjust the TBO quick release ratchet lever
  • The Device Ball multi-directional and is easy to adjust using the quick release ratchet lever
  • The TBO supports lightweight SGDs, iPads, environmental controls, tablets, phones and more...
  • The TBO attaches to wheelchairs, standers, walkers, gait trainers, beds, tables, strollers and even the ET Roller

The CJT Stand Features

  • The ET Table Stand Mount works with all SGDs, (i.e., like the PRC Accent series), iPads, Eye gaze devices, and other various types of AT devices available.
  • The ET Table Stand Mount is easy to assemble.
  • The ET Table Stand Mount is a reliable and easy to use table mount.
  • The ET Table Stand Mount’s flat U-shape base provides added stability and allows the table space to be used at the same time the stand is being used.
  • The black powder coat base and anodized clamp add an additional protection to the surface and make it easier to clean.
  • No tools required to adjust the ET Table Stand Mount.


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