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CJT's Helping Hand

our Vision is clear, our methods are simple and our commitment to make a positive difference is stronger than ever.

We started in 1991 with our vision and a commitment to create products and services that make a positive difference in the life of another person.    

Our methods are simple. We start by actively listening to and collaborating with our clients to ensure we understand their challenges, needs and aspirations. 

We then review, discuss, encourage feedback and strive to design innovative solutions to effectively answer our client’s need.  We use what we call our “Need-Driven Design Method.”

Once we have a prototype, we test it, send it for trial, make any necessary corrections, re-test and re-trial and when we feel confident the product type is ready and the product can help make positive difference  we release the product to market.   

Every day our clients challenge us to keep thinking outside the box, and to always believe the impossible is possible and it is these two ideas that inspire us to keep creating, innovating and producing the products and services that can answer our client’s need and help them to overcome the challenges they face and achieve their aspirations. 

Thank you for being our inspiration and making a positive difference in our life.

Helping Hand Steps

To successfully use the CJT Helping Hand please follow the steps and tips below.

1. When evaluating a client for a device and mounting system please collect and complete the CJT Initial data collection worksheet. Be sure to specify the person to contact for additional information if it is not you.

2. Take the requested photos listed on the Photo tip sheet.

3. Before e-mailing your information and photos to CJT, please review the information you collected along with your photos. If your photos are fuzzy or distorted in some way please retake them before sending. If you cannot see the chair clearly, please do not think we can.

4. Once your information is received CJT will create a file for your client, review the information and if no further information is required a quote will be issued to the requesting party unless another person is specified. A quote is typically generated within a week or less.

5. If additional information is required you or the designated contact person will be contacted.

6. Once the additional information is received and no additional information is required, a quote will be issued.

7. All quotes are e-mailed directly to the requesting party unless another person is specified.

8. Once the purchase order has been received by CJT, the item will ship in two weeks or less.

9. When you receive the mounting system, we will be ready to help the person installing the unit. We recommend scheduling your installation phone support call at least a week ahead of time. This will enable us to better assist you and your client and help with the difference in time zones.

10. Once the appointment has been scheduled, the client’s file will be pulled and if necessary the client’s photos will be marked and inserted for special directions. The photo or direction will then be e-mailed to the specified person.


1. Please, do not request a quote without providing the information we request.

2. Please, do not send us a photo from the Chair manufactures web site. Every chair is customized for each individual.

3. In, some cases (very few) if we are unable to determine a safe and appropriate location to attach the mounting system we will be unable to issue a quote. In which case you will be notified immediately.

4. Please let us know if you would like to be notified by e-mail when your client’s order ships.

5. If you have a critical case and your client needs their mounting system right away (example if you have an ALS patient) please let us know and that person’s order will be given priority status and will typically ship in two days.

6. If, you would like basic training using the CJT mounts please let us know and you will be contacted when we are in your area doing trainings.

We Are Here to Help!

Please fill out the Helping Hand initial information sheet below and email it to us quoterequest@yescjt.com along with photos and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.


For more information about our services, please contact us.