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A New type of Wheelchair Mount


A Versatile Wheelchair Mounting System for SGDs, Tablets, Environmental Controls, Eye Gaze Systems, and Other Types of Assistive Technology Devices.

More than a wheelchair mount, it is a powerful tool to support the successful use of any device.

The GT ENDURO is the wheelchair mount for SGDs, iPads, Eye Gaze devices, environmental controls, laptops, and tablets.  The GT ENDURO wheelchair mount provides both the adjustability and strength required to meet the specific physical and visual access needs of the individual using the device.   

The versatile design of the GT ENDURO wheelchair mount allows the mount to attach to either side of the wheelchair without any additional parts or specifications.  

The GT ENDURO’s quick release base connector makes it easy to remove and connect the mount to the base attachment on the wheelchair.   Simply, line up the height tube with the guidepost, slide and insert pin to lock.  This eliminates accidental disconnecting. 

The new GT ENDURO hub joint with quick release plunger makes it quick and easy to swing the device to the side of the wheelchair when transporting in and out of the chair.   The GT hub joint uses a combination of fine and gross adjustments along with presets that allow the desired position to be easily located and set.  

CJT Wheelchair mount attached to Quickie Zippie holding a PRCSaltillo Accent communication device

GT Enduro Wheelchair Mount Features

GT Enduro Wheelchair Mount Specifications

Adjustable Width Arm-ShortAdjust from 11 – 15 inches
Adjustable Width Arm-LongAdjust from 14 – 19 inches
Adjustable Height Arm-ShortAdjust from 16 – 24.5 inches + 4 in. depending on configuration
Adjustable Height Arm-LongAdjust from 21 – 30 inches + 4 in. depending on configuration
Joint Articulation Points3 hub joints each, has 360 degree articulation capability
Device Head Rotation360 degree multi-directional
Base TypeFixed
Mounting SurfacesRound, non-round, bolt thru existing holes, track systems
Weight-Lite7 lbs.
Weight-Max8 lbs.
Device CompatibilityWorks with all devices
Mounting MaterialStructural aircraft aluminum and other high quality metal hardware. Comfort Grip knobs and optional device lever.
Base AttachmentLeft or right side
Protective CoatingBlack anodize
Product Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty

GT Enduro Wheelchair Mount Image Gallery


If you need help figuring out what mount to purchase and where and how to attach the mount to the wheelchair we can help. View our helpful hand  initial information sheet, measurement instructions sheet, and photo tip sheet.


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