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Hassle Free Mounting

TBO Universal Quick Release Mount

A Quick Release Mounting System for SGDs, Tablets, Environmental Controls, and Other Lightweight Assistive Technology Devices

The TBO is ready for action!

The TBO, the strongest, most durable quick release mount for lightweight SGDs, iPads, Environmental Controls, and other small Assistive Technology devices is ready for use straight out of the box.  Simply clamp, pull to position, tighten, and use. 

Constructed of high quality aluminum and specifically designed to incorporate both strength and flexibility, the TBO is the perfect quick release mount for attaching to wheelchairs, tables, walkers, activity chairs, beds, strollers, and even the ET Roller rolling floor mount.

The TBO’s 5-point joint articulation, multi-directional 360 degree rotating head, and the Grip-Tight base clamp allow the TBO to place and keep the device in the optimal position to meet both the physical and visual access needs of the individual. 

The versatility and toolless option make the TBO quick release mount a useful tool and a welcomed addition to any lending library, evaluation team, school, hospital, or family that may use multiple devices or have the need to attach the mount to multiple types of equipment.     

TBO Universal Quick Release Mount Features

TBO Universal Quick Release Mount Specifications

Adjustable Arm LengthSingle arm adjusts from 10 – 14 inches. Maximum extension for double arm is 28 inches
Articulation Points6 point hub rotation each with 360 degree articulation capability
Base TypeQuick release -CJT “Grip-Tight Clamp with Comfort Grip Knobs
Clamp Width CapacityStandard clamp attaches tubing up to 1 1/2″ diameter
Mounting SurfacesTables, wheelchairs, stands, walkers, activity chairs, desks, and beds
Tools3/16 inch Hex Key included
Toolless OptionReplace set screws with Comfort Grip Knobs
Device CompatibilitySupports light weight AAC devices, cell phones, environmental controls, switches and tablets
Mounting MaterialStructural aluminum, steel fasteners, comfort grip knobs, ratchet levers, and protective anodize finish
Weight Including Clamp2.5 – 5 lbs. depending on the head attachment and double or single arm configuration
Product Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty

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If you need help figuring out what mount to purchase and where and how to attach the mount to the wheelchair we can help. View our helpful hand initial information sheet, measurement instructions sheet, and photo tip sheet.


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