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One of a kind

ET Roller

Independent Rolling Mount with CJT's revolutionary 20-inch Compact Weighted Base

The Freedom to Move!

The ET Roller is a revolutionary, new rolling floor mount that independently supports various types of Assistive Technology including SGDs, tablets, and environmental controls.   Versatile and easy to use, the ET Roller can be used anywhere and anytime to hold the device/s in the position that works best for the user.   

Designed for both function and style, the ET Roller’s unique 20-inch compact base provides easier maneuverability and more stability than the traditional wide-legged floor mounts.  The curvy cutouts allow the ET Roller to hook into position and provide easy access to the locking wheels.  The BRIGHT GREEN, protective powder coat makes the ET Roller easy to clean, easy to see, to avoid tripping and MEMORABLE!

The Griptight Vise and adjustable arm use Comfort Grip Knobs and levers to provide maximum adjustability without the use of tools, making the ET Roller rolling mount quick and easy to adjust and use.   To adjust the height of the device, simply slide the arm up and down the 5 ft. center post.  The device can go as low as 6 inches from the ground up to 60 inches plus, depending on the angle used.   Use the five adjustment angles built into the vise to stow the arm when not in use or to minimize the space needed.  

ET Roller Features


ET Roller Technical Specifications

Arm LengthArm length adjust from 17-24 inches
Arm Angle Adjustment5 adjustment angles
Arm Height AdjustmentArm height from the ground adjusts 6 – 60 inches plus depending on the angle used
Base Measurement20 inches
Weighted Base45lbs
Base Wheels6 non-marking Mono-Tech wheels (3 locking and 3 non-locking)
ColorBright Green
Center Post60 inch stainless steel
DeviceWorks with all devices, some exceptions may apply

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